Monday, January 7, 2013

T" Shirt

Tims Burda Shirt.

       When we were first 'going out'  I made many shirts for Tim.  In   'those days'  my Mum would buy cheap cotton from Woolworths in 2 yards "dress lengths" in plain colours.   I had a simple mans' shirt that had a few different collar variations that I would sew up on my $100  straight/zigzag  machine.   I remember Mum buying both of us  (my sister  deceased)  a machine,  but cannot remember for what occasion.  I think it may have been her 21st.  I was the sewer and think Mum felt sorry for me and gave  me one also to take to college.   I made so much on that machine.

    This was not sewn on that machine and is a newer Burda 6/2011 pattern  made in a light blue cotton.

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  1. looks a lovely cool shirt - sure it will get lots of wear ---- I too got a sewing machine for my 18th birthday - my daughter would have died if I gave her a machine for her 18th or 21st (not the in thing now days - sadly)