Sunday, February 3, 2013


Wearing The shell top from 'My Hearts A Flutter' pattern by Louise Cutting.  This is the third time I have made this pattern, and this time I made it from a silk satin? all from the stash. Somehow, the bottom panel is against the nap and shows up as a different colour!  I don't mind.  As always,  Louise Cutting instructions are fabulous.

Sea Bottom shot

 Worn with my new slim Burda pants 7863  that I have just blogged about.  Shots taken at North Avoca Beach rockpool at pretty much high tide,  it is always fun to stand near the edge and get showered by the breaking waves.....

Fabric:  1metre of Sea Green silk
Pattern:  My Hearts A Flutter by Louise Cutting
Notions:  Zip and cotton from stash

Fabric:  Stretch cream cotton
Pattern:  Burda 7836

Dog Day

The ocean is still a little wild after the rain and wind.   Avoca Lagoon  needed letting out.  Two days ago the digger made a small channel to the ocean,  this is what it looked like this morning.  This is always an exciting event and attracts lots of attention from children and teenagers who bring all sorts of  craft to 'surf' the water flow.

Last year's photo

Last year's photo

Because I have been house bound and going a little crazy,  I decided  to act on my winter wardrobe and needed to get out  to visit  Clarksons  ( no web presence)  who have a  huge amount of fabric that has been purchased at auction from other businesses that have folded.  I was really cold last winter and because of the cooler weather began planning a  stretch layered blue/grey winter wardrobe .
These are some of the fabrics I purchased.  Much of it is stretch wool/combo.

I have failed in my stash busting exercise,  and instead am wondering who to leave my stash to?

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Snazzy relaxing on a piece ..... for days

The weather is crazy outside, it  has been raining and windy for a week and we experienced a king tide a few days ago..

  I have not been able to get out and about in my new cream jeans yet,  made using Burda 7863 and in the same fabric as the cream dress.

I was a little nervous putting the rivets in...really no reason to be.  Pattern went together really easy and I cannot wait for a sunny day to try them out.  (I haven't tried them on yet).  I never feel like wearing light colours on dull overcast days.

Pattern   Burda 7863
Fabric      Cream stretch cotton

All notions etc from stash.