Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Lots of sewing happening on the SWAP 2013  thread,  but not with me,  although I have just finished cutting out a cream dress Burda 7502 and Burda jeans  7863.   I have been working on my Story board,  trying to create a collection of garments that share design  (construction) lines.  In the beginning,   I could not get a linking garment to work with two different capsules... so I decided to select  the linking piece first.   This is "Rivera Kiss Me Coat" by   Hot Patterns .

Hot Pattern   "Kiss Me Coat"  and navy silk.    Burda 7863  and a peak of the cream stretch cotton.

 I am happy  using some of my brighter coloured silks to make some classic pieces for the two capsules,  but want the design lines of the garments to be similar.   So,  I decided to concentrate on the princess seam  (used in the Coat)  for my shells, dress and shirt.  As well,   I want the inner garments' necklines to compliment and sit well under the coat.

I am feeling happier with this plan as I want the garments to look like a 'family' and share similar aesthetics almost as if they have been "designed " by the same person.   As well,  the long vertical lines of the princess seams suit me.

Burda princess seam top on the right
Dress sharing princess seams


  1. Catching up on all your accomplishments. Your collection is going to be grand. I'm big on planning and it pays off. Love what you've got planned for the coat.

  2. I had done a lot work with this Hot Pattern previously. I made a mock up...tried it on and was disappointed with the look. I have been modifying a Burda pattern and am happier with the cut. So it will be a HP inspired coat.!