Friday, January 11, 2013


     This was one of the last paintings that I completed, and it was pre children.    It is a mixed media of gouache/charcoal on water colour paper.  Myself and a girlfriend took out our mountain bikes and art stuff to a National Park down at Tamor.  We rode in the  morning ( I can remember riding off the wharf into a lake)  and painted in the afternoon.  A storm was coming over and the sky  changed to
dark violet with a strange yellowish tinge.  This painting I gave to my husband.  So much of my work stayed in shelves/sketch books and was thrown away when we moved (de cluttered) overseas in 2000.

   At Art College,  I can  remember the design lecturer asking me how did I put on my makeup....apparently,  I could not keep within the lines when doing the infinite amount of colour wheel and mixing exercises.   In painting I had much more success and remember being told "you will most likely get married, have children and stop painting".   And that was what happened.  I did take my art gear out once with my toddler daughter,  she ate dirt, was stung by an ant and to console her I ended up painting 'sharks'  with her on my expensive piece of rag paper.  That was the last time I painted for myself.

    I would do a little sewing,  and to keep track of my ideas I drew in my Visual Art diary.  On the SWAP Thread at Artisan Square  there are amazing  story boards showcasing  computer  and photographic skills;  I still draw using felt tipped pens and do an occasional 'colouring in' job with textas usually in front of the TV.   Pages are removed and pinned to the sewing room wall, with other inspiration.

My Visual Diary is full,  and here are a few pics of what goes on inside.

I think you may have an idea why the lecture thought I may struggle 'putting on makeup'.   I have  a new Visual Diary but miss the old ones'  bound pages and heavy acid free paper  and black sturdy cover.  The new book is spiral bound,   has a plastic cover  and is bigger.

 As well,  I have been using loose leaf pages and just pinning them to the sewing rooms' wall.  I love spending  time illustrating my ideas and have been digging around finding my old water colours,  gouache paints,  coloured pencils  and anything else that makes a mark.  This is what retirement is about....

Today my son Harry turned 18.  Happy Birthday


  1. wow I am jealous that you can draw so well - love the painting.

  2. and happy birthday to your son, we share a birthday today.

  3. Happy Birthday to you, I hope you had as much fun celebrating as Harry did.