Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer in Oz SWAP


Summer in Oz , a set on Flickr.

Had a busy day taking photos and mucking around with the computer. The SWAP sewing is completed. Still need to take a group photo of garments and some detailed shot of the new techniques.

Finished the grey sand washed silk dress yesterday and will post photos of the collar detail. also completed the grape coloured dress with the piping around the neck and sleeves. Wore that dress to breakfast. Have some photos of the locals surfing the release of water from the lagoon to the beach.

The lake becomes too full and is dug out by a digger. The water is released and a huge channel is eroded in the sand. The local children (also lots of adults) gather to surf the fast moving water which creates 'rapids' The lifesavers ride surfskies collecting the chldren that get swept
out to far... The energy is amazing... I have lots of photos on my flickr page. (see above)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

SWAP 2011 continues....

 While working on this stretch cotton top I decided that I liked the Hong Kong finish around the facing. I had enough of the satin to make for piping, and decided to make a dress using this as a new technique.

Piping sewn around the neck and front opening.  Will treat the sleeves the same.

Black stretch cotton slim pants 'jean' style pockets and back yoke.
Unmastered technique is the fly front.

Photo of the completed vest and black pants.  

HMAS Adelaide

 This is Lucy, we were going for a walk,  and could see HMAS Adelaide being positioned for scuttling.
 On the 13th the HMAS Adelaide was scuttled (Sank) to create an artificial  reef for diving.  Huge crowds came to watch.  The scuttling had been cancelled last year because of environmental issues and protest by local residences.
                                               HMAS Adelaide  photo taken from our driveway.
In the sky just before the sinking.

Shot Selection For SWAP 2011

Easter Break.

Completed a white and navy print linen top for the SWAP.  The button hole loops were the new technique.  We had finished breakfast and my husband took some shots for the SWAP at the Haven. Someone had dragged this massive chain down to the water ..... was it too big/heavy for the intended purpose?

Anyway it was left like a sculpture.

Lined jacket , linen top and navy linen pants.

                                      This is typical  Easter weather...rain.  Shot of Tim