Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Dresses

Purple linen 

I liked this dress because of the unusual cut of the skirt,   of the sectioned skirt.   It was a bit of a fiddle to make  the section seams of the skirt seemed to groooow.   As it does not have facings,   the seam allowance  around the neck are  folded over and top stitched down.  The sleeves are finished with 'liberty ' biased bindings.  I think there will be only one these dresses.  Not that keen on really long dresses.

  I have styled it with a Mela Purdie wrap rayon top and these 'funkis'  wooden sandals.  

The pattern is from  Burda Magazine 5/2007 issue so it is about five years old.  

Ultramarine Jacket

This is my new ultramarine jacket made from gaberdine with a chiffon shield.   Another Louise Cutting  Design  'In The Trenches ' and the most time consuming pattern of hers' that I have attempted to date.  It has  concealed buttons,  French Cuffs and a drawstring.  I took inspiration from this silk jacket  (my daughter's) from the Socialite brand.

    As with all LC Patterns this had great instructions,  and sewing tips.   No other patterns are as detailed as LC Patterns.


I had to clean out the stored fabric from the adjacent bedroom.... reminded me off how I loved to arrange  coloured pencil.