Tuesday, January 8, 2013


BURDA DRESS  7515     made from a red printed rayon.

It is almost year since I have worked.   The time off is great,  shame about the pay.

We take Lucy the Labradoodle for a walk to the beach most mornings.   She prefers Avoca Beach as she gets to play ball in the ocean and in the Lagoon as it has a large  'Dog Off Leash area' unlike Terrigal.   Terrigal is busier and a meeting place for joggers,  bike riders,  mothers and walkers.  The break at Terrigal is gentle and it is  very popular with families and young children,  unlike Avoca which had a drowning last month where two teenage girls were washed from the  rocks.    Across the road from Terrigal beach is the Crown Plaza which boasts one of the best views in the world.  Both Terrigal and North Avoca are about 1.5 hours from Sydney....  and a popular holiday destination.   We live within walking distance from both beaches.

Xmas Day 2012. 
I was trying to make a few dresses to suit our casual lifestyle.  This was very easy and speedy to make and I wore on Xmas Day.

Burda 7515
Of course I have made the navy one;
from a silk crepe.

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  1. Cheryl, the colour and print really makes this dress look amazing.