Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is a really old BWOF  pattern 4/97  (last century)
It is supposed to be made from stretch fabric, but I didn't.  I make dresses look awful,  anything that is too flowing, pretty, or  made from fine fabric is not good.   This pattern has princess seams and a zip in the front .    The strong verticals help my 'look'.

To make it easier to put the zip in I interfaced the ct. front seam allowance to keep the material stable.  It works for me; how do other people do it?

I love textured fabrics (are they called jacquards?)  This cream cotton I really love, it is thick but has a soft hand.  I am planning to make a loose jacket with inseam pockets . I was going to use ' hong kong' seams to make it casual-so that I could wear over jeans/pants,  but now I am undecided.  I am thinking because the fabric is so beautiful that I should interface the entire jacket and line it; however that will make it much hotter.  I always have trouble sticking to plans.

BWOF  The pattern
The fabric.

There is this  warehouse that has a stack of fabric bought from business that are no longer operating.  Most of the material is scary, but I like to go and spend a bit of time dreaming about making a wardrobe only from this fabric.  Anyway, this is what I bought the other day.
 Green stretch velvet 5 metre @$5.00   (the most expensive purchase)
 A stretch net.  I have no idea how to edge it.

Painterly border print.

 The bright blue is a cotton knit.  $2 per metre.  The light blue is a linen,  not a great  but for $2 a metre it will make a great shirt!

I have not idea what this is.  It is thick and fleecey on the wrong side.  This side (right side) has been printed with a metallic/brown black paint.  I have already cut out Hot Patterns'  Boulevard Cardigan.

Navy shirt/vest

 Completed the navy linen shirt.   Really like the fabric but have not done a great job.  The missing sleeve section was perhaps an omen.  I will make this again as I really like clothes that are tailored, have lots of top-stitching and zippers.  Next time I will complete the button holes before assembling the fronts, and off course I will keep track of all the bits.

Close up of the concealed button, still need to finish the horizontal top stitching on each side of the button.

Monday, January 17, 2011

swap 2011 continues....

Had some time to do some sewing on Sunday afternoon.  I had done a lot of cutting out over Xmas and decided to make the navy linen jacket shirt with the concealed button holes.  I had to apply the interfacing and work out the construction.  After putting the front and back together I thought I might sew up the two parts of the sleeves,  but where was the undersleeve....?  Did I cut it out?  Did I throw it out?  It was gone .

Consulted with DH,  it had been a hot day,  so we went to dinner at Terrigal and enjoyed too much red wine while watching a massive surf come rolling in.  Should have taken the camera as the already broken waves were sucked back out and smashed into the new breaking waves and shooting water  really high. We are getting the tail end of the low pressure systems that have caused the extensive flooding in Queensland.

Anyway,  will post picture of my "vest" soon.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SWAP 2011 continues....

Just finishes the purple /grey overshirt. 
 I have not been sewing  that much of late.  My  cousin had a heart transplant about six weeks ago, and unfortunately died after Xmas and was buried last Tuesday.  My cousin looked like my mother and my sister (deceased).
I spent some time with  Mum;  reconnecting with old  family members and being introduced to new.
The completed top!

Close up of the loop button holes. 

Completed purple/grey border print overshirt.

  Little bit trouble trying to match the pattern; as it has been printed a little off straight grain.  The new techniques  were the french seams, loop button holes and I tried using the rolled hemmer foot to complete the sleeve splits....   (need more practice).  Last photo is a little over exposed I took it with a flash inside, but perhaps standing too close.  So what shall I tackle next???

My mum lives in Tamworth,  a country town about 4 hours away.  This time of the year it can be really hot... about 35c or about  90f.  Mum has a jungle happening is her yard....she grows  anything, and  plants in everything.

Onion plants (going to seed)

Mum and Me.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dog Day

Sunday here,  and its " Dog Day".   Lucy the ball obsessed dog cant wait . This is North Avoca Beach.
We walk up the beach,  and share a bacon and egg roll and juice.  This is Lucy on the way back, coming  around the lagoon.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

SWAP 2011 The Plan

These are my drawing of ideas for SWAP  2011

The  three patterns on the top line are tops.
There are two pants patterns and one dress.

The border print will be a shirt with split sleeves (new technique)

Next is a the photo of shirt with concealed buttons made from navy linen.
The other , a jacket is unlined with Hong Kong seam finishes  

Dress with  exposed zipper.

Vest with welt pocket and notched collar.

 The SWAP is a collection of clothes - a capsule that go together.  Sewing starts after Xmas and the photos of the completed collection are due 30th April.  I  selected option 2 which is 6 tops, 2 bottoms,2 dresses and one other.

These are the navy pants, this is the first item that I have finished!

 Used Hong Kong seams to finish the inside of the pants.  Sorry that I neglected to turn the last photo.

New To Blogging

Always liked the sewing Blogs.  Like looking at their stuff and reading their stuff.  So I am giving it a go.  Got A new camera for Xmas and have taken some photos of my sewing area.  I  Sew on the bottom floor .

                                                   Took  a few hours to get it looking this tidy

                                                   This is my stash.... just seems to grow!

I cut out and iron outside of this room.  I had an art cabinet made so that I could store large paper an arty things.  The teenagers want it out but I am not listening.  So I often have to share this area with the bikes and photo lights.  (DD is a budding photographer)