Saturday, January 5, 2013

SWAP 2013 Colour Cocktail.

2013   SWAP  PLAN  

Colour cocktail

     This is the first draft of my 2013 SWAP plan.  We are required to sew two smaller capsules of either 4 or five garments and one linking item.  The completed SWAP could be 9,  10 or 11 articles depending on the mix of garments.   We have about 4  months to complete.

 I first thought of Ying and Yang:  dark and light
                                                       day and night
                                                        work and play
                                                        emotional and practical
                                                        good and bad
                                                        leather and lace

The problem for me was the linking item.... I could not  get a jacket to work with both collection if both collections were really different and for different purposes.  (unable to make a jacket in the individual collections)  So I had to change my thinking.  I have collected a lot of fabric,  patterns and ideas,  so  I decided that I wanted to use some of my 'nicer fabric' and some of those 'get around to it ideas'.  I want  a few silk shirts,  shells,  a simple dress  and a 'killer'  jacket/coat.   I  think I can make most pieces from silk, with an exception or two.

Aims of SWAP 2013  : smart casual collection
                                     : made from beautiful fabric  (silks)
                                     : bold and bright

Top ideas and patterns.

Hot Pattern Jacket.  
I have intended to make this jacket for a while... The thick navy silk has been with me for  10 years!



  1. Your storyboard looks great. I love the vibrant colours.

    1. Looking forward to sewing some colour.

  2. great looking storyboard (expertly drawn I have to say) - all silk will be so luxurious too.

    1. Drawing is almost as much fun as sewing!

  3. I love your style and your color choices. I'm looking forward to following your SWAP on Stitcher's Guild.

  4. Love the colors and styles in your "killer" storyboard. I have looked at that HP Kiss Me coat pattern you chose so many times. I'm sure yours will be gorgeous and beautifully executed.