Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Dresses

Purple linen 

I liked this dress because of the unusual cut of the skirt,   of the sectioned skirt.   It was a bit of a fiddle to make  the section seams of the skirt seemed to groooow.   As it does not have facings,   the seam allowance  around the neck are  folded over and top stitched down.  The sleeves are finished with 'liberty ' biased bindings.  I think there will be only one these dresses.  Not that keen on really long dresses.

  I have styled it with a Mela Purdie wrap rayon top and these 'funkis'  wooden sandals.  

The pattern is from  Burda Magazine 5/2007 issue so it is about five years old.  

Ultramarine Jacket

This is my new ultramarine jacket made from gaberdine with a chiffon shield.   Another Louise Cutting  Design  'In The Trenches ' and the most time consuming pattern of hers' that I have attempted to date.  It has  concealed buttons,  French Cuffs and a drawstring.  I took inspiration from this silk jacket  (my daughter's) from the Socialite brand.

    As with all LC Patterns this had great instructions,  and sewing tips.   No other patterns are as detailed as LC Patterns.


I had to clean out the stored fabric from the adjacent bedroom.... reminded me off how I loved to arrange  coloured pencil.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Josie's London Fashion week video

My daughter is a keen fashion photographer.    Her room has been littered with fashion images (camera parts)  since she was  a young teenager  and  has used many of her friends (and my vintage clothing)  in her work.

 Now at 20,   she makes her living creating fashion photographs and short videos.

  Imagine our surprise when we found her London Fashion Week video on Yahoo  lifestyle 


Josie leaving for London
I made this coat for Josie to take to London.  This Soho coat  a pattern from the  'The Sewing Workshop'   is made from red/orange wool and lined with silk. http://sewingworkshop.com/

Josie's Soho Coat

The finished coat was just fabulous,  it was sort of like 'Little Red Riding Hood'   The cut of the hood framed her face elegantly.   I  made the large and raised the pockets,  Josie did not want any closure so it sort of just hung....

'By Popular Demand'

Louise Cuttings  "By Popular Demand"  http://www.cuttinglinedesigns.com/home.aspx

I always do far more sewing then blogging  and wished I took more  and better photos.

 I have always liked the "pictures" best and can recall looking at prints of artworks (40 years ago) and being so inspired.    I am sure this is why I went to Art School and spent most of life teaching art and painting.  I kinda of like doing and fiddling... not so much writing...

White  pique 'By Popular Demand'
and 'Linda' pants by Style A

By Popular Demand (60565)
BPD is an easy to wear casual jacket.  The blouse pattern has been traced and is waiting to be cut out.

As with all of LC patterns it went together really easily.    I never make muslins...I like to purchase patterns that have info.  such as the finished length and the bust/waist measurement included.   
With LC's patterns the sizing is consistent with her measurement and I just cut out and sew!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012


Burda  7394  jacket with Style Arc Pants
Purchased cream T

This is a shot of Burda 7394 made from a synthetic that has a sparkly thread running through it.  It was a nightmare to sew;  but I liked the drape and surface texture and thought it would be okay in the collection as a night time jacket.  I am wearing it with stretch Linda pants and purchased T.

Burda Grey Gabardine  Suit

      I was really trying to stick to the rules of creating a neutral 6 piece collection.  I selected this Burda pattern as I was trying to 'boil ' down my pattern collection,  to make up a TNT pattern.   The fit is fine...and it  was 'the boring neutral garment'.       The grey T is also a Burda pattern.

            As with all Burda patterns it went together really well  and had that  Burda look.   I always think they are going to look  casual... but they always appear much more dressier then I think.

Burda pattern and fabric

        This one I lined in blue thinking I was going to make more blue to co-ordinate,  but decided to use another neutral of cream.    How focused am I?   The jacket was the centre piece and  This is the collection.

Liberty Shirt
Liberty Shirt  by The Sewing Workshop.

Libety out of a washed silk.  Cream Linda pants by
Style Arc

Detail of the sleeve

Grey knit Burda T and Style Arc Linda pants

     I haven't just been sewing and not blogging.  I purchased a trading platform and have been coming up to speed the last few months.    After going through the crash of 2007  we feel the need to be out of the market when it is falling.    We no longer believe in 'buy and hold' and want to take responsibility for managing  our  future.   Another door has opened......I am now a 'Stock market Trader'.

      Next week I will take my new collection to a 'users' meeting in Sydney!

Sew Confident

'Nine Lives Shirt' by Linda Lee and Louise Cutting.
Easy wearing shirt made from a navy  polyester?

I made this a while ago,  and have not got around to wearing it.  I decided to purchase ' Sew Confident ' http://sewingworkshop.com/linda-lee/sew-confident from The Sewing Workshop.  One of the Tutorial was on sewing this asymmetrical top   It is easy to make and wear.  Sort of over sized with an 'edgy' look.   

  The Shapes  collection  looks like fun....  simple shapes and perhaps some great fabric,  and an afternoon.  I have also made the 'Sixth Sense Skirt ' fro a navy and white linen.

My 'Sixth Sense Skirt'  made in Navy and white linen.

I have about 5m of this.....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boiled Wool Jacket 6PAC

Burda 8300
Completed my boiled wool jacket last night.  Used Burda 8300.

I wanted the jacket to look casual, so I turned the S/A to the right side.  Just could not get the seams to sit flush with the jacket so I sewed them down.  The  fabric was stretchy and fragile so I decided to interface the entire jacket with black.   Because the blue bits were falling off, and I may need to do repairs I decided not to line it.

Used  blue silk cut into bias stripes to finish the front facing.

Back View of the pleat.

This pattern had S/A.  I knew I wanted the 'deconstructed' look,  and it nearly done my head in working out what seams to remove.  I worked it out as I went along. (I think)

The dog and cat love photo time.