Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Her" Shirt

Burda Mag.  6/2011
I am really enjoying wearing my new beach cover-up.  It is about a 2 1/2 dot pattern and fairly easy to make up with 'mock' princess seams in the front.  It is really a dart from the shoulder and the front facing is turned to the rightside  and top stitched down.  The most difficult part of this pattern is Burda's instructions  and the square "setin"  sleeves which are a little tricky.    The back hem is about 6cm longer then the front which is not visible in the photos.  I like to roll up my sleeves and use french seams when the inside of the garment is going to show.  I just prefer the way they look in preference to overlocking.

Tims shirt from the same Burda 6/2011

The pink linen was a small remnant which cost $3 and is just right for this comfortable summer  top/tunic.  This is the 'her' version of my husband's shirt  also from the same issue  6/2011. It has already been washed and I like wearing it very much.    Tim has asked for another but with shorter sleeves.

          Burda Style   6/2011
          Material:     $3
          Cotton:   already had some in stash

 Close up my Pirate ear rings   by Robert Clerc


  1. Both of you look great. You've made me resurrect my Burda Style issues.

    Looks like you are enjoying your summer months. Constant rain this week but we are due to get snow in the North Carolina mountains when the temperature drops.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I have a lot of success with Burda patterns, instructions can be a little confusing.

      Seems as if you have some good sewing weather coming your way. Keep warm!

  2. What a nice looking coverup! I really like the styling of the pattern. Cool that you can use the same pattern for a man. I'm envious of your weather, sitting here in the cold north!

  3. That's a great cover up. I'm always looking for similar styles to stay cool but keep off the mozzies.