Saturday, January 12, 2013


I purchased these Ziera shoes and didn't have 'anything to wear' with them.   These  shoes are  for 'real walking'  and have this metal spring running down the middle.   (is this colour Burnt Sienna?)
I have not let brown into my wardrobe for years,  preferring jewel colours and have used navy and charcoal as my basic colours.  Sometimes I just get these weird impulses.   I needed something  quick and decided on this easy knit dress  Burda 7646.  

The neckline is faced and I have used a twin needle to sew the facing down.  Knits are not my favourite fabric to sew because there is so much variation in how they behave,  and I always end up ripping of the rib because it is either too long or short.   I now realise that knits with lots of drape are more suited to gathers and  a style like this is best in something a little more stable and beefier.

PATTERN    Burda  7646
PENDANT    Lapis scarab  by Robert Clerc  Egyptian collection
SHOES          Ziera

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  1. Love the shoes, and they go so well with your new dress (also looks good)
    happy walking