Monday, October 7, 2013



Blue wrap cardi.   Patons 12ply  Jet

I have not knitted for years.    I started this Patons Jet cardigan last year and  completed it this winter.   I have always found wool too hot but now not working and spending days at the sewing machine it is just right.  I choose this because it style  knits up quick and is a relative simple pattern  (basket weave) to follow.  I had forgotten that I knit loose....and the completed garment is 'oversized' great for wrapping up and watching TV.

Close up of the Basket Weave

I remember my Mum knitting my sister and me mohair jumpers,   red and blue mohair jumpers.   On the front she pictured knitted a white poodle.  I loved that jumper so much and ever since I have had a 'thing' for mohair.  So..... I purchased 22 balls of this Cleakheatons blue mohair  and knitted this... minus the poodle.

Cleckeatons Wool  Mohair