Thursday, January 24, 2013

GAP Year

"Sneaky Snazz"  aka  "Prince Rotton"  "The Grey Lord"  or his common name  "  Cranky Puss" had a hard night at the
 Black Cat CLUB   or maybe just hanging out with the teenagers?

  I am the one who is having a GAP why does he get to lie around furring up the place.
This is my formal dining room.  What has happened to the sewing room?

 My son has moved to the room next to my sewing room;  is using the adjoining room for his computer and to entertain his friends.  Teenagers talk to 4.30am which renders them useless, until sometime in the afternoon.  They are appearing on couches,  the floor adjoining my sewing room and use my cutting table for drinks and food....

So I am trying to sew in the formal dining room ......however,   Sneaky Snazz has discovered the new area and  is trying to hatch my next project: a pair of slim pants from the same fabric.


BURDA7502  is the first garment for my SWAP collection, and first to be sewn in the upstairs dining sewing room.
  It has the design features that suit a "rectangle" with   princess seams that start at the  shoulders,  topstitching, heavy fabric and an 'angular look'.  I used an old fashion zip,  not having an invisible zip that long in my stash.

 The only alteration was to shorten the dress.  I cut a size 44 and just sewed it up!  (Love a Burda Pattern)


  1. What a great little top. I especially like the way the V neck is finished. I will check out this pattern.