Monday, October 7, 2013



Blue wrap cardi.   Patons 12ply  Jet

I have not knitted for years.    I started this Patons Jet cardigan last year and  completed it this winter.   I have always found wool too hot but now not working and spending days at the sewing machine it is just right.  I choose this because it style  knits up quick and is a relative simple pattern  (basket weave) to follow.  I had forgotten that I knit loose....and the completed garment is 'oversized' great for wrapping up and watching TV.

Close up of the Basket Weave

I remember my Mum knitting my sister and me mohair jumpers,   red and blue mohair jumpers.   On the front she pictured knitted a white poodle.  I loved that jumper so much and ever since I have had a 'thing' for mohair.  So..... I purchased 22 balls of this Cleakheatons blue mohair  and knitted this... minus the poodle.

Cleckeatons Wool  Mohair

Monday, June 17, 2013

A New Dimension

A New Dimension  by Cutting Line Designs

Just completed Louise Cutting's newest pattern View B from an ancient wool gabardine.  There is a lot of action happening with this pattern  at the Louise Cutting thread at Artisan Square.  It is  fun sewing the new pattern as a group.  I love the  feedback and seeing other sewers' garments.  As well,  Louise Cutting  is always popping in to give advice and to inspire us with new ways to use/develop her patterns into a stunning wardrobe.    Click on the link to Flickr to see some of the group's  Cutting Line garments.

  I am sure this fabric has been around (stashed) since the last time this colour was in fashion.    I selected the wool as I thought it may have been easier to sculpt /press the collar  into the unusual position.  The pattern was easy to sew and went together beautifully.  I used French seams;  was undecided about lining it;  thinking it may be  more casual unlined.

 I want to make the shorter version up...but I am trying hard to be discipled and to complete the lining of another jacket.    At the moment I am trying to sew  seasonally and clothing that I can wear to an Art Gallery.

Detail of the unusual collar treatment.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Biker Style


I love new jackets.  I wanted a slouchy, casual jacket for walking at night  (to dinner at Terrigal ) with a few pockets .  This biker style from Burda 1/2010 was perfect.    I took it to Sydney last week and  watched the Vivid light festival at Darling Harbour ,  Circular Quay and wore it to the outside screening of the State of Origin game  at the haunted "Dundee Arms Pub".  It kept me nice and toastie.

  I used a navy  wool gabardine and lined with a spotty navy and red silk.  (I paid $1 per metre).  The pattern  recommended coat fabric which I think meant a little thicker then what I used.   This piece of wool was purchased in China back in 2001.  I did a little short "navel" inspired jacket for my daughter a few years ago,  and I think there is just enough for warm pants left.

I used  Burda Magazine pattern from 1/2010  and cut a straight 42 with no alterations.   I always get confused putting the collar/lapels together and have a "thing" about them,  so I try to sew them early in the process to get them over and done with.  (Really if they do not work then I can rid of the project) I  have sort of decided to try to make a few more and in the hope that I will get better.   The entire jacket was interfaced  and  I 'bagged ' the lining.  Finding the right notions is always hard and   I had to shortened the zips by pulling out the unwanted teeth with pliers and reattaching the zip stops,  which can make the tapes look a bit messy.

Burda 1/2010

 Burda  included a pattern for a fur collar. I was out shopping and found a navy  merino wool collar.

Pattern: Burda Magazine  1/2010
Fabric:   Navy wool gabardine from stash,  purchased 2001 2.5m
Lining:  Navy and red silk  2m
Notions:  zips from Spotlight

Museum of Contemporary Art Vivid Festival2013

Sydney Opera House  Vivid Festival 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sewing Retreat (I surrender)

BURDA   2569   (OOP)

I have just experienced my first sewing retreat.   I am not to sure if I was welcomed,  but now know that sewers do not like music or perfume.  You must be careful to keep all of your stuff on your table and never leave anything in the common area.   When you are told not to bring power boards etc. don't believe that - always trust your instincts.  Always take alcohol,  you may need medication.

 It is always best to take simple pre cut projects,  as  access to space/ironing boards is limited.   As most retired  early to their rooms I was able to use the cutting tables at night and we were naughty as we listened to Penny's music.  We did have some fun trying to find Rhona's invisible zipper  (no luck) and I was amazed at the size of the rats  that we do not talk about feasting in the bins.
 The weather was far too good to spend inside.

I was able to sew:    Pure and Simple Jacket  Cutting Line Design blogged about previously
                                Burda Knit Cardigan (above) and pull on pants. (oop)
                                Of The Moment Jacket  Cutting Line Design for my daughter
                                Anns Cardigan Sewing Workshop

Wardrobe coordinates  BURDA2569 pattern has been in my collection for a while.  I made it from a  heavy navy knit.

Fabric:  stash 4m x 140cms  (both cardigan and pants)

Need to finish The Of The Moment jacket and add the elastic to the pants.

BY Popular Demand

By Popular Demand  jacket pattern Cutting Line Designs

I have been working on a purple/white theme.  This is another BPD jacket made in a cotton jacquard to go with the purple/grey linen Easy Ageless and Cool pants.  In this photo I am wearing it with slim stretch satin Burda pants from 12/2012  number 148.

Lucy the Labradoodle 

Anything But Ordinary by Cutting Line Designs

 Worn with the Easy Ageless and Cool pants  (another Cutting Line Design)  and a RTW knit skirt.

JacketFabric:  stash 2m x140

Pant Fabric:  I have had this fabric forever,  maybe 10years?
I used about 2.5m x140cm

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pure and Simple coat.Pure

"Pure and Simple Coat"   Cutting Line Designs

 I have wanted to make this unlined casual jacket for a while, but to find three linens that "worked" has taken time.   I played with so  many different colour and weight combo ,   before deciding on the blues.   I was unsure how to run the colours and posted a photo on  the Louise Cutting thread at Artisan Square     Louise  responded in about 2 minutes  (she must have busy)  to go from light to dark.   It was cut out and  completed it at  my first sewing retreat.  Constantly changing the thread was a bit of a nightmare,  but I  managed and only unpicked a little.

As with all her patterns the instructions were detailed,  which makes sewing so much more enjoyable.  I love the designer tips and how to avoid "the loving hands at home look".   Cutting Line Design patterns have become a favourite.

The slim blue pants are  Burda148  from 12/2012 magazine.   Straight leg with vents and side zip.

Easy fitting casual coloured blocked coat  from three shades of blue linen,  worn with slim Burda pants.

Pattern:  Pure and Simple Coat and Shell  Cutting Line Designs

Pattern:  Burda Magazine  12/2012  no.  14

 Fabric:   stash......Coat  3.5m  140cm blue inen
                 stash .... Pants 1.5m  140cm stretch satin

Sunday, April 21, 2013


                            STASH Fabrics for BUSTING

I am participating in a  Stash Busting Challenge at my local ASG group  'frocks'.  So here is pic of my stash.....without the silks,  rolls of wool gab,   the big pieces of knit,  etc etc etc.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Wearing The shell top from 'My Hearts A Flutter' pattern by Louise Cutting.  This is the third time I have made this pattern, and this time I made it from a silk satin? all from the stash. Somehow, the bottom panel is against the nap and shows up as a different colour!  I don't mind.  As always,  Louise Cutting instructions are fabulous.

Sea Bottom shot

 Worn with my new slim Burda pants 7863  that I have just blogged about.  Shots taken at North Avoca Beach rockpool at pretty much high tide,  it is always fun to stand near the edge and get showered by the breaking waves.....

Fabric:  1metre of Sea Green silk
Pattern:  My Hearts A Flutter by Louise Cutting
Notions:  Zip and cotton from stash

Fabric:  Stretch cream cotton
Pattern:  Burda 7836

Dog Day

The ocean is still a little wild after the rain and wind.   Avoca Lagoon  needed letting out.  Two days ago the digger made a small channel to the ocean,  this is what it looked like this morning.  This is always an exciting event and attracts lots of attention from children and teenagers who bring all sorts of  craft to 'surf' the water flow.

Last year's photo

Last year's photo

Because I have been house bound and going a little crazy,  I decided  to act on my winter wardrobe and needed to get out  to visit  Clarksons  ( no web presence)  who have a  huge amount of fabric that has been purchased at auction from other businesses that have folded.  I was really cold last winter and because of the cooler weather began planning a  stretch layered blue/grey winter wardrobe .
These are some of the fabrics I purchased.  Much of it is stretch wool/combo.

I have failed in my stash busting exercise,  and instead am wondering who to leave my stash to?

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Snazzy relaxing on a piece ..... for days

The weather is crazy outside, it  has been raining and windy for a week and we experienced a king tide a few days ago..

  I have not been able to get out and about in my new cream jeans yet,  made using Burda 7863 and in the same fabric as the cream dress.

I was a little nervous putting the rivets in...really no reason to be.  Pattern went together really easy and I cannot wait for a sunny day to try them out.  (I haven't tried them on yet).  I never feel like wearing light colours on dull overcast days.

Pattern   Burda 7863
Fabric      Cream stretch cotton

All notions etc from stash.