Friday, October 19, 2012

Sew Confident

'Nine Lives Shirt' by Linda Lee and Louise Cutting.
Easy wearing shirt made from a navy  polyester?

I made this a while ago,  and have not got around to wearing it.  I decided to purchase ' Sew Confident ' from The Sewing Workshop.  One of the Tutorial was on sewing this asymmetrical top   It is easy to make and wear.  Sort of over sized with an 'edgy' look.   

  The Shapes  collection  looks like fun....  simple shapes and perhaps some great fabric,  and an afternoon.  I have also made the 'Sixth Sense Skirt ' fro a navy and white linen.

My 'Sixth Sense Skirt'  made in Navy and white linen.

I have about 5m of this.....

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