Friday, October 19, 2012


Burda  7394  jacket with Style Arc Pants
Purchased cream T

This is a shot of Burda 7394 made from a synthetic that has a sparkly thread running through it.  It was a nightmare to sew;  but I liked the drape and surface texture and thought it would be okay in the collection as a night time jacket.  I am wearing it with stretch Linda pants and purchased T.

Burda Grey Gabardine  Suit

      I was really trying to stick to the rules of creating a neutral 6 piece collection.  I selected this Burda pattern as I was trying to 'boil ' down my pattern collection,  to make up a TNT pattern.   The fit is fine...and it  was 'the boring neutral garment'.       The grey T is also a Burda pattern.

            As with all Burda patterns it went together really well  and had that  Burda look.   I always think they are going to look  casual... but they always appear much more dressier then I think.

Burda pattern and fabric

        This one I lined in blue thinking I was going to make more blue to co-ordinate,  but decided to use another neutral of cream.    How focused am I?   The jacket was the centre piece and  This is the collection.

Liberty Shirt
Liberty Shirt  by The Sewing Workshop.

Libety out of a washed silk.  Cream Linda pants by
Style Arc

Detail of the sleeve

Grey knit Burda T and Style Arc Linda pants

     I haven't just been sewing and not blogging.  I purchased a trading platform and have been coming up to speed the last few months.    After going through the crash of 2007  we feel the need to be out of the market when it is falling.    We no longer believe in 'buy and hold' and want to take responsibility for managing  our  future.   Another door has opened......I am now a 'Stock market Trader'.

      Next week I will take my new collection to a 'users' meeting in Sydney!

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