Friday, October 26, 2012

Josie's London Fashion week video

My daughter is a keen fashion photographer.    Her room has been littered with fashion images (camera parts)  since she was  a young teenager  and  has used many of her friends (and my vintage clothing)  in her work.

 Now at 20,   she makes her living creating fashion photographs and short videos.

  Imagine our surprise when we found her London Fashion Week video on Yahoo  lifestyle 

Josie leaving for London
I made this coat for Josie to take to London.  This Soho coat  a pattern from the  'The Sewing Workshop'   is made from red/orange wool and lined with silk.

Josie's Soho Coat

The finished coat was just fabulous,  it was sort of like 'Little Red Riding Hood'   The cut of the hood framed her face elegantly.   I  made the large and raised the pockets,  Josie did not want any closure so it sort of just hung....

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  1. Beautiful coat, Even more beautiful daughter! :) She does look like a grown up red riding hood!!

    Congratulations to your daughter, on the video being featured on yahoo! Well done and good luck for a grand future!