Friday, October 26, 2012

'By Popular Demand'

Louise Cuttings  "By Popular Demand"

I always do far more sewing then blogging  and wished I took more  and better photos.

 I have always liked the "pictures" best and can recall looking at prints of artworks (40 years ago) and being so inspired.    I am sure this is why I went to Art School and spent most of life teaching art and painting.  I kinda of like doing and fiddling... not so much writing...

White  pique 'By Popular Demand'
and 'Linda' pants by Style A

By Popular Demand (60565)
BPD is an easy to wear casual jacket.  The blouse pattern has been traced and is waiting to be cut out.

As with all of LC patterns it went together really easily.    I never make muslins...I like to purchase patterns that have info.  such as the finished length and the bust/waist measurement included.   
With LC's patterns the sizing is consistent with her measurement and I just cut out and sew!!!

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