Monday, May 23, 2011

Burda Fit

This is what I do to keep on top of fitting. I copied the Burda chart and usually scribble all over it. This sort of organising is left over from my teaching days.  I do not have the skills  or the time to develop my own patterns.  It is a cross between engineering, mathematics and creativity... I have enough trouble picking fabric that will suit various garments... the fall, resilience, texture, colour  etc  not to mention making a convenient wardrobe of items that go together.

I remember years ago sewing two jacket patterns,  both very similar, one Vogue and the other Burda.  The Burda jacket just looked better when completed.  That was a similar exercise that I did with the HP and BWOF pattern for the black skirt in the last blog.

Plot you measurements on the chart.
This page is for drawing on your persaonal changes.  What Changes you make to one pattern you make to all Burda Patterns.

I scribble all over the second page showing the alterations that I make  and keeping information that I need.
* Shaving a little off the thighs
* Writing on it what size I cut out  eg.  40  at the shoulders,  42 at the waist
*Write  measurements for how long I like skirts and pants. (How short a short skirt is)

 I know that Burda patterns are consistent and this saves so much time, material etc

When I started sewing the patterns,  I noticed that one shoulder was lower then the other,  this sort of information comes up as my measurements are not as accurate as Burda patterns!

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