Sunday, May 15, 2011


I have been anxiously awaiting the posting of the SWAP photos, and was disappointed that only 2 SETS of photos are entered. One is mine and the other is Jennyanne's. So it looks as if I can come FIRST, SECOND or LAST..... Will I have to tell people that there were only 2 of us? Or can I boast that I came FIRST or SECOND and should I get some sympathy for coming LAST? Or maybe, I send my people to deal with Jennyanne?

Work has changed for me, and I am doing more, with less time to spend on me. SWAP took up a lot time and I stopped exercising and started eating more... need more time to make more clothes.

Had an idea for the red multi coloured dress but the weather has turned cold and no longer feel like making summer stuff. So I cut this out the other day. Okay, so I know it is summery...

I have never sewn lace before. This is not expensive stuff,,, just thought I would like to have a go at it. Maybe it will be better to use the overloocker??? Anyway I will give a go.

Originally, I did not buy enough lace to be able to use the scalloped edges on the sleeves, so I returned to fabric shop (this is a disposal store who buy anything) to see if I could find the lace, and spied some silk dupion for sale. Noticing my enthusiasm for the silk,

the sales assistant dragged me outside where a huge trolley was stacked with bolts of fabric, so we pulled and pushed and came up with about 15 rolls. So I just had to buy the cream, the dark red, blue, light aqua, purple etc etc... as if I need anymore fabric - but I really like it. As well, they had a trolly full of leather I bought a big brown one.
I have enough silk to make this burda dress and matching outfit?

So I have been washing, washing and washing the silk and I like it being all crinkly and wrinkly . I am going to make a cream shirt and add the wrinkles so I do not need to iron it! I have spare day Tuesday.. and hopefully Friday to get sewing done.

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  1. Well- I have to say that I finished, but I was going to vote for you anyhow, so didn't bother to enter myself! I loved the color and detail of your garments :) good luck!