Sunday, November 13, 2011

SWAP 2012  Chinese Year of the Dragon

The new rules are out for the SWAP and because of the lack of participation last year it has all changed.   The goal this year is to develop some TNT patterns.  This means patterns that can be used again and again with different fabric etc to created new looks.  We have to make 7 garments from a possible choice of 11 or is it 12 now, four of these are to be made again.  Sounds simple enough however,  BUT IT IS alway difficult following the rules.

So thinking  should I start from the top of the list and work down or maybe select every second garment type????   Got too many the way looks like I am retiring or unemployed on January the 16th 2012.  The sale of the business settles on this date, (hopefully)  still need to train the new people and tidy up all the loose ends.  Daughter may get her DL back (after 6 months suspension) and February may be free of work.....

I have been working on the colour scheme...Cool Blue is above and here is Red Hot.

I seem to collect heavy fabric suitable for bottoms and not much that is light weight and suitable for shirts

I like to wear bright colours:   Both cool and Warm  Reds
                                                All blues
                                                Cool greens
                                                Turquoise  Aqua
The neutrals that are my favourite are charcoal, navy, cream and black.   This is a new piece of batik fabric that I hope will go with either choice.

I have been working a few story boards...

This is the blue idea... I have always loved the Hot Pattern Coat and would like to sew it from a heavy purple linen .....but I am having a hard time selecting a colour for the piping so I am tossing up whether to make it from a really heavy navy silk with cream silk piping...  I think the navy may win out.  The items circles are those that I will make twice  (Maybe???) We are allowed to start fitting/organising patterns now and think we can start sewing one garment early.

The other thoughts that I have concerning this SWAP is whether to select classical garments....
Anyway, still thinking...Need to stop thinking and start sewing!!!!

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  1. Yes an interesting approach this year for SWAP. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you sew.