Sunday, May 8, 2011


SWAP is gone so what do I tackle next??? The weather is cooling...and I am really confused as what to do. These are some of the UFOs that are cluttering the sewing room.
I love this pattern and have the top half made in a stretch velvet. I did not interface the collar as I had no idea of how to stop the velvet from flattening and/or melting. I overlocked most of the garment.
Need to coplete with the addition of bands and of course the bottoms. The problem with synthetic stretch velvet is that it is too hot and too cold.

This is another UFO. I have completed the cuffed pants but the unlined jacket just hangs .
This is sort of a work outfit. I have interfaced the entire jacket, but did not do a good job on one of the lapels and so it hangs.

This was another Burda WOF pattern, but the slub silk fabric is really fraying. I have the lining cut out. These are just a few of my UFOs.

Tonight is cold and I may just have to put shoes on and think about the next plan. How do others decide what to make and in what order especially when I have enough clothes. I am addicted to the creative possibilities of material, and therefore are always trying to decide what to make.

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