Monday, May 23, 2011

Basic Black Skirt

I have had mock up of Hot Pattern skirt cut out for a while. When I put the HP pattern over the Burda it is so curvey, and I am shaped like a brick, not a curve in sight. So the HP pattern has a space for rounded thighs, I have straight hips... I have a theory that designers create clothes for a similar body shape to their own. I have notice this in RTW. Designers with small waists and large hip create clothes for that type. Other labels design for the straight body (me).

I have sewn so many Burda patterns and am used to the way they do things. But I admire the way Trudy at Hot Patterns puts together her patterns and the different way she thinks, as well her patterns are really interesting, and have a few jacket patterns and top patterns that I want to try.

The best thing about Burda Patterns is their consistant fit. I look at the photo on a model who is the same height as me....I study the fit and that is always the same as I get. If the pants are baggy then that is how they look on me... The sleeve always comes to the same length on me. I can make the same alterations to each pattern, sew it and put in my wardrobe and know it will fit. And what is great I make a few alterations...I cut size 40 at the shoulders tapering out to a size 42 in the middle and back to size for around the low hips.

This is the basic black "jean style" skirt that I made. I need to purchase some jean slides for the closure.
This is the Hot Pattern skirt Pattern/ burda WOF pattern that I have been fiddling with.

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