Monday, October 7, 2013


Freezing weather at Bendigo
 I get really obsessed with what ever I am doing.  So the knitting bug has bit.  After getting rid of so much knitting stuff I am back to doing it again.  I figure that it is a good way of feeling productive while watching TV.

 I had heard a little about Bendigo Woollen Mills  and decided I wanted to visit.  Melbourne is a good days drive from Terrigal and is in another state.  So to make it into an adventure we decided to catch a train.  Packed a winter bag....teenage son dropped us at Gosford station.   Had a nice meal and drink at China town and then boarded the  XPT to Melbourne.   While we had a sleeper.....not much sleep happened and arrived at Melbourne the next morning to discover the trains to Bendigo had been replaced by buses.

A week after I visited the mills,  the show room was renovated to include a bigger range of their products.

Bendigo wool is available is huge range of colours, varieties and plys.  While I wanted to buy stacks I was very disciplined as we were travelling by public transport and had limited space and their new web site is great.  Travelled back to Melbourne and stayed for a few days before returning home.

 I purchased

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  1. I love Bendigo Wool and so interesting to see the shop and inside. I like your choice of pattern and wool!