Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sewing Retreat (I surrender)

BURDA   2569   (OOP)

I have just experienced my first sewing retreat.   I am not to sure if I was welcomed,  but now know that sewers do not like music or perfume.  You must be careful to keep all of your stuff on your table and never leave anything in the common area.   When you are told not to bring power boards etc. don't believe that - always trust your instincts.  Always take alcohol,  you may need medication.

 It is always best to take simple pre cut projects,  as  access to space/ironing boards is limited.   As most retired  early to their rooms I was able to use the cutting tables at night and we were naughty as we listened to Penny's music.  We did have some fun trying to find Rhona's invisible zipper  (no luck) and I was amazed at the size of the rats  that we do not talk about feasting in the bins.
 The weather was far too good to spend inside.

I was able to sew:    Pure and Simple Jacket  Cutting Line Design blogged about previously
                                Burda Knit Cardigan (above) and pull on pants. (oop)
                                Of The Moment Jacket  Cutting Line Design for my daughter
                                Anns Cardigan Sewing Workshop

Wardrobe coordinates  BURDA2569 pattern has been in my collection for a while.  I made it from a  heavy navy knit.

Fabric:  stash 4m x 140cms  (both cardigan and pants)

Need to finish The Of The Moment jacket and add the elastic to the pants.


  1. I better not sign up for a retreat, I would be far too subversive I have to admit as I also talk and laugh out aloud. Glad you got some sewing done.

  2. music? You couldn't have been at the right group! Alcohol is mandatory and you start drinking at 5..or is it 4?

  3. Sounds like a rather mixed experience but you managed to make the most of it!

  4. What a pity as the retreats I have attended have been wonderful. You got a lot achieved and agree to do that you need to be well organised.