Saturday, November 19, 2011

Silk Over Blouse

I thought this pattern would be good for wearing to the beach.  We spend a lot of time walking and swimming there and I hate getting sunburnt, especially since I wear my hair so short the back of my neck gets it.

 The blouse was made from a heavy silk ( that I cannot remember buying) it was sooooo long ago.  It has been cut out and hiding in the sewing room for about six months.  I cut it out for the 2011  SWAP. ( I just cut out lots of garments, and tried not to procrastinate too much on my choices) I was into speed sewing! I couldn't really use it as it did not have any 'new' techniques.   Now I remember, I  had the pockets cut out (they were the new tech) but decided not to attract attention to that area of my body!!!!

What I love about Burda patterns is that the model is 5' 6" and I am 5' 6".   I have long arms and you can see the finished length of my shirt is about the same as the photo on the pattern.  How good is that!

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