Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is a really old BWOF  pattern 4/97  (last century)
It is supposed to be made from stretch fabric, but I didn't.  I make dresses look awful,  anything that is too flowing, pretty, or  made from fine fabric is not good.   This pattern has princess seams and a zip in the front .    The strong verticals help my 'look'.

To make it easier to put the zip in I interfaced the ct. front seam allowance to keep the material stable.  It works for me; how do other people do it?

I love textured fabrics (are they called jacquards?)  This cream cotton I really love, it is thick but has a soft hand.  I am planning to make a loose jacket with inseam pockets . I was going to use ' hong kong' seams to make it casual-so that I could wear over jeans/pants,  but now I am undecided.  I am thinking because the fabric is so beautiful that I should interface the entire jacket and line it; however that will make it much hotter.  I always have trouble sticking to plans.

BWOF  The pattern
The fabric.

There is this  warehouse that has a stack of fabric bought from business that are no longer operating.  Most of the material is scary, but I like to go and spend a bit of time dreaming about making a wardrobe only from this fabric.  Anyway, this is what I bought the other day.
 Green stretch velvet 5 metre @$5.00   (the most expensive purchase)
 A stretch net.  I have no idea how to edge it.

Painterly border print.

 The bright blue is a cotton knit.  $2 per metre.  The light blue is a linen,  not a great  but for $2 a metre it will make a great shirt!

I have not idea what this is.  It is thick and fleecey on the wrong side.  This side (right side) has been printed with a metallic/brown black paint.  I have already cut out Hot Patterns'  Boulevard Cardigan.

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