Saturday, January 1, 2011

SWAP 2011 The Plan

These are my drawing of ideas for SWAP  2011

The  three patterns on the top line are tops.
There are two pants patterns and one dress.

The border print will be a shirt with split sleeves (new technique)

Next is a the photo of shirt with concealed buttons made from navy linen.
The other , a jacket is unlined with Hong Kong seam finishes  

Dress with  exposed zipper.

Vest with welt pocket and notched collar.

 The SWAP is a collection of clothes - a capsule that go together.  Sewing starts after Xmas and the photos of the completed collection are due 30th April.  I  selected option 2 which is 6 tops, 2 bottoms,2 dresses and one other.

These are the navy pants, this is the first item that I have finished!

 Used Hong Kong seams to finish the inside of the pants.  Sorry that I neglected to turn the last photo.


  1. The SWAP plan looks really good and you have already started making things - wow!

  2. Your plan looks great! Jeans are my next item and you've motivated me to make them look polished on the inside as well. Good luck!