Monday, January 17, 2011

swap 2011 continues....

Had some time to do some sewing on Sunday afternoon.  I had done a lot of cutting out over Xmas and decided to make the navy linen jacket shirt with the concealed button holes.  I had to apply the interfacing and work out the construction.  After putting the front and back together I thought I might sew up the two parts of the sleeves,  but where was the undersleeve....?  Did I cut it out?  Did I throw it out?  It was gone .

Consulted with DH,  it had been a hot day,  so we went to dinner at Terrigal and enjoyed too much red wine while watching a massive surf come rolling in.  Should have taken the camera as the already broken waves were sucked back out and smashed into the new breaking waves and shooting water  really high. We are getting the tail end of the low pressure systems that have caused the extensive flooding in Queensland.

Anyway,  will post picture of my "vest" soon.

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