Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SWAP 2011 continues....

Just finishes the purple /grey overshirt. 
 I have not been sewing  that much of late.  My  cousin had a heart transplant about six weeks ago, and unfortunately died after Xmas and was buried last Tuesday.  My cousin looked like my mother and my sister (deceased).
I spent some time with  Mum;  reconnecting with old  family members and being introduced to new.
The completed top!

Close up of the loop button holes. 

Completed purple/grey border print overshirt.

  Little bit trouble trying to match the pattern; as it has been printed a little off straight grain.  The new techniques  were the french seams, loop button holes and I tried using the rolled hemmer foot to complete the sleeve splits....   (need more practice).  Last photo is a little over exposed I took it with a flash inside, but perhaps standing too close.  So what shall I tackle next???

My mum lives in Tamworth,  a country town about 4 hours away.  This time of the year it can be really hot... about 35c or about  90f.  Mum has a jungle happening is her yard....she grows  anything, and  plants in everything.

Onion plants (going to seed)

Mum and Me.

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  1. Your top is lovely - I'm so sorry to hear about your loss though.