Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wardrobe Planning NEUTRALS

       I have been re-thinking my approach to sewing the 6PAC (winter).  I selected  electric blue and black as my colours,  however electric blue is now where near a neutral, (yea YOU say)  So I have been thinking that I need to develop the idea of my 'grey and cream' 6PAC.

     Near us is Clarkson's Cash & Carry.  Their business is purchasing items from others business that have closed/gone bankrupt/over stocked etc. They have a huge amount of fabric .  Having stock from "Spot Light" that was water damaged in the floods for example, and  from other fabric shops that have ceased trading.

      At the moment they have some amazing fabrics that belonged to a high end tailor. (deceased) They have beautiful wools , silks and linens.  Much of this fabric is difficult to find in Aust., and I have been having a lot fun adding to my stash.

      So with the NEUTRAL colour scheme in mind I purchased 5 metres of a grey wool gabardine.  I have been thinking that I want to make pants and a long jacket.  I think this pattern is the one.

The pants look comfortable without a waist band.  (a good design for a rectangle)
Jacket falls to the thighs.... and I also like the shorter length.
     I am assuming that these garments will be with me for a while, should I do bound buttonholes, or is the jacket to casual?   I have the black and blue jacket almost completed.... cannot make up my mind whether to line it or to just leave it.

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