Monday, June 4, 2012

Stepping up

    I need to become more  creative with the way I use the media (fabric) and notions.  When I look at RTW I love the details;  the piping, zips, combinations of textures /colours and using the fabric in unusual/creative  ways.  I need to incorporate these things into my sewing and take it to the next level.

    Selecting the right fabric for a garment is always a challenge which I think I get 'right' most of the time.  I know how select patterns for my shape and can  alter Burda patterns to fit me.   I have a big stash which I have been deliberating "growing" (trying to buy fabric that is right for me when I see it) and can 'see' opportunities to combine different fabrics/colours and textures.

     I pulled a few pieces from my closet and to look at the detail.

Seams have been overlocked/coverlocked
and turned to the right side.

This is from Country Road.
 Like the use of black piping.
This tunic has three pleats at the hem


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