Sunday, March 25, 2012


New Covered Lounge

I covered the lounge.  I know, everyone thought I was crazy, but it was easier then getting the family to 

agree on a new one.  It took about two days and cost about $300.00.  I used the old covers as patterns and ripped out the zippers  (couldn't find zip that long) and reused them.
This is what the old lounge looked like....


  1. Wow well done. I have a sofa and armchair that could do with a similar treatment (uneven fading) but I just can't face it.

  2. It is not really that need a lot of space and some uninterrupted time. Have a go.

  3. Super result! And I like your reasoning. I do not care for doing such work usually but you make a strong case here. And great idea on the zips!