Monday, May 21, 2012

Winter 6PAC

I am participating in the 6PAC sew along at the Stitchers Guild.    (winter for me)

To me, this is so much easier to get my head around then the SWAP.  I read the post, disappeared to the  sewing room and started arranging fabric in "6pacs".  After a few hours I had about 4 x 6PACs. This is one of the ideas.  There seemed so many new possibilities for fabric/garment selection using the 6PAC idea.

Not too sure what side to use for the jacket.
Pants.  1xskinny  and 1x dress pants

2x T-shirts

Summer 6PAC  thread started by Elizabeth

You are warmly invited to sew along with us for summer!

This thread is based on thinking that began on the Wardrobe and Capsule Planning References thread several years ago, and it has evolved since the first six-piece collection in autumn 2010 (six-piece Autumn Collection turned into 6PAC, hence the abbreviation).  Since that time some things have evolved, and some have stayed constant.  Particularly important in my thinking this year has been the writing of Nancy Nix-Rice on putting together a wardrobe.

The theory:
This sewalong is a guide to producing a BASIC wardrobe for the season you are in (summer in the northern hemisphere).  It starts one month before the season to give you time to plan ahead and have something to wear when it gets hot/cold where you are.  If you have different seasons (dry/rainy etc) you should plan for them.  

The practice:
If you sew steadily at two garments a month you'll have six ready.  The (relatively) slow place is intended to enable you to do other projects as well.  If you sew more slowly, aim for three garments.

For summer, the guidelines are:

1. jacket/cardigan/raincoat etc your best medium or light neutral colour (not too dark for summer, I think)
2.  bottom (trousers/skirt/shorts/skort/whatever) in the same colour
3. t-shirt or blouse in the same colour
[these pieces give you and INNER COLUMN and an OUTER COLUMN of a similar neutral colour - very easy to mix and match with the rest of the wardrobe, if boring to sew -- please see the spring thread for examples as this has been very successful for participants]
4. t-shirt or blouse (underlayer top) in a second neutral -- again, lighter for summer would be my advice
5. bottom in the same colour
[another INNER column]
6. a dress in a LINKING print (ie contains the neutrals together, ideally plus colour)

If you don't wear dresses (although they really are very useful for summer, and for functions, so consider it), you might find it helpful to do 1&2 outer column, medium neutral; 3&4 inner column, light neutral; 5&6 under and overlayer in colour.  

Thanks Elizabeth


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  1. Your choices in patterns and fabric appeal to me. Have you thought about using one side for your cardigan jacket and then use the opposite (dark or light)) side for bias trim as Louise Cutting demonstrated in an article in Threads volume #121? She wrote it after seeing the same technique on an original Chanel jacket. I think using the opposite side as contrast trim would be a smashing look.